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Mayse Pippin (University of Arkansas nursing student) cares for infant at Happy Life Children’s Home

I am so thankful that our volunteers return to Happy Life Children’s Home every year to help care for babies and children who are rescued from neglect, abandonment or abuse.

We share in the daily tasks to help lighten the heavy load for workers that care for approx. 100 infants and children at Happy Life Children’s Home. Everyday the workers prepare meals from scratch, wash by hand countless diapers and clothes, hang them to dry, clean the rooms and still manage to care for the children.

However, with so few workers on staff, the babies remain in their cribs without receiving the adequate stimulation and love they need. We go near to feed them, provide stimulation and the loving touch of Jesus to these vulnerable little ones. For many of our Go Near volunteers, we learn more about God and His care for the vulnerable. It is here that many gain clarity to pursue nursing as a future career. We’re thankful to those who help send us to care for the “least of these” and for the joy that comes as we simply obey.

“Jesus loves the little children…all the children of the world.”

Alex Gershon with baby at Happy Life Children’s Home


Claire Newton and Jack Gaydos help during feeding time at Happy Life Children’s Home


Mayse Pippin cares for child at Happy Life Children’s Home

Father and daughter duo- Danny and Claire Newton help at Happy Life Children’s Home