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2020 Vision. This is the year that we want to have the best vision possible. I mean God’s vision. Focused on what matters to Him. You know that song. “break my heart for what breaks yours” ? It is that kind of vision. This requires extended and concentrated time reading and discussing God’s word. Praying for God to reveal from His inspired words what I need to know and then asking for help to “JUST DO IT” It also means listening to and watching sermons from respected bible teachers. Reading books for further explanation of bible topics. Asking God to guide us in obedience to what He shows us.

Here’s what emerges clearly.

Love God with everything we’ve got, and love others. He is extremely passionate about reaching the lost and loving the poor and marginalized. He is about Justice and Righteousness. Mercy and Love. God IS love. I want to pursue those things. At this season, God has opened doors for us to return to Africa. We are stepping out. Taking the risk. Even in this crazy virus season. We pray for God to help us fulfill these directives as we are led by His Holy Spirit to share Jesus and His love with as many as we can. We are called to GO!  To teach, to serve and to encourage the poor in the name of Jesus. Africa here we come!