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Tess Frost is a  freshman at the University of Arkansas. She is studying nursing with the desire to serve in Kenya in her future. She joined her first Go Near trip to Kenya in 2016 and returned back with us in 2017. Her  insights challenge us to pursue God’s face and His presence and to serve Him with our lives. Leading teams with students like Tess encourages me as I  see young people embrace God’s purpose to serve others with their lives.

From Tess:

Both trips I have taken to Kenya have been the hardest, yet most rewarding experiences for me. I realized my life’s purpose when experiencing the need in this part of the world. Though the Kenyans we visit have very little, they are full of God’s love and joy. We participate in worship with them in the evenings and it is there, immersed in worship, that I have learned so much about the Lord. We tend to look for God’s hand and how he is “fixing” our lives, however, in Kenya, they look at God’s face and are content with who God is, rather than what He does. This has drawn me much closer to the Lord and helped me see Him in a brand new way. The pain is so big there, yet it is a place where God’s mercy and love is shown the most. My favorite thing about Kenya is the faith the people have and the constant presence of God. The best moment of my life was stepping off the bus and into the school and receiving the biggest amount of love I had ever received in my life. This is a memory that I hold onto and never go a day without thinking about. My life has taken a 180 since my first trip, and I strive to fulfill what God desires for me to do over in Kenya in the future.

Tess with a rescued baby at Happy Life Children’s Home in Kenya