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Go Near Ministry has meant so much to our family. To see God work in your life when you surrender to Him is such a humbling and life-changing experience.
My daughter was drawn years ago to the Go Near mission trips to Kenya that she would see her friends go on. They came back changed and filled with a sense of joy that came from all they witnessed and from what God did in their lives. Our family began to pray, and it became real to us that God was calling my daughter and me to go and serve in Kenya.
We have become a part of this community and will be leading a third trip this summer. My wife, Margaret helps provide daily communication to families and supporters when we’re overseas.
We plant seeds where needed, but God definitely works in the lives of those that Go Near. You think you are going to make a difference, and you do, but the biggest change is what happens to you.
Everyone should go on this mission trip and experience God outside our comfort zone. God is evident everywhere and when you GO NEAR, you are drawn closer to HIM. It’s changed all our lives being a part of this wonderful ministry.

Danny Newton
Go Near Ministry board treasurer

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