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Proverbs 31:20 speaks of the virtuous woman. “She extends a helping hand to the poor and opens her arms to the needy”  This Mother’s Day we want to celebrate the 20 + mothers who have traveled with us to stretch far across the world to share their love mother’s heart, tender touch and words of encouragement with countless children in Kenya.

Happy Mother’s Day to the following mothers: Melanie Boutiette, Edith Brown, Hope Bucher, Kimberly Cook, Amy Daniel, Karman Fegtly, Laura Fiser, Amy Gaydos, Lorri Harper, Pati Jones, Rachel Mangan, April McMorran, Jennifer Mooney, Dinah Platt, Kay Robinson, Kim Schrader, Belinda Shelton, Amy Sixbey,  Sheri Stone, Tacy Sundell,  Tracy Vandover and Cheryl Williams.

Thank you ladies for going near with us. View photos of these women in action on our A Mother’s Love FB album. #‎Gonearwithus #‎Creatingacommunitythatcares