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Jesus tells the crowd in Matthew 25:36, “When I was in prison you visited me”.  In response, we want to serve Jesus by visiting the prisoners in Kenya. Their lives in prison is drastically different than inmates I have visited in the US. We go near with requested supplies:  toilet paper, soaps, bibles and often requested clothing.  We go to share encouraging scriptures, testimonials, offer our prayers and worship together.  We desire to communicate to these prisoners that they are loved and have value.  No matter what. A national who we partner with always offers an invitation to accept Jesus and many come forward unashamed giving their lives to the Lord and asking for prayer. At that moment, we become brothers and sisters in the Lord.  I always hate when our time  draws to an end. I love offering expressions of love. I yearn to go back, again and again. Thank you to all who support us in your prayers and help to send us with supplies to distribute among the prisoners.  Together, we obey and visit the prisoner.

For more photos from our prison visit click the FB link. 




Brett Likens shares from Ephesians and prays a blessing over the prisoners we visit


God gives Karley Walton ( a first year GNMinistry volunteer) the courage to shares with prisoners

Joshua Barnett and Claire Prather sing worship songs for prisoners