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As I write from Little Rock, the temperatures are soaring and the humidity is stifling. We tend to slow down and complain a little more than usual. This past week, I was surprised and delighted to meet with Suzanne Bonaminio. Suzanne was over-the-top exuberant about her discovery that morning. Suzanne is going with our summer mission team this week to Kenya. She is a devoted teacher and knows the value of educational tools in the classroom. She also knows that the teachers in the schools where she will be visiting have asked for ordinary tools that make learning possible like pencils, crayons and wall charts. Suzanne decided to spend her money to go and purchase school supplies at one of our teacher supply stores.

Once there, it occurred to her, “Why not ask if they will donate things that they can’t sell?” Suzanne shared the need and they were very interested. She showed the manager the list of items requested by the teachers in Kenya. The manager quickly took her to the back storeroom and told her she could have as much as she wanted from countless bins stacked high with materials. WOW!

When I met up with Suzanne she took me to her car. We stood out in the hot parking lot thrilled as she showed us her backseat and trunk full of teaching supplies.

I am so grateful that Suzanne cared to go get supplies for teachers in need across the world. I am so thankful for the generosity of the store that donated to our cause. We can’t wait to distribute among teachers and students in Kenya. Blessings abound in God’s Kingdom through his people to show that He cares and He has not forgotten.

Suzanne is a valued member of our summer Go Near Ministry mission team. Our team departs June 24th and returns July 5th. Suzanne will be distributing supplies and sharing teaching techniques with our partners in Kenya. You can join Suzanne’s support team by donating and indicating “Suzanne” online at . Donations are tax-deductible. We invite you follow our team our Go Near Ministry Facebook Page.

Happy for more Sunny Days in the future!

Off to Kenya!!