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“Go Near Ministry gives families a chance to serve together and that is what drew me to take my two younger boys to Kenya with Go Near. As a mother of 7 children I wanted my kids to serve in other countries and be a part of something bigger than their little worlds. I believe it is one of the highest callings as a parent to “take” a child on a mission trip, and not just “send” them on one. Together we see with our own eyes the work that the Lord does in our kids as they serve, and trust me He does, and not just hear about it after the fact. I was able to watch as they listened to the Holy Spirit guide and direct them; as they fell “in love” with orphans and served widows. We saw people who have nothing monetarily, but have a joy and knowledge of Jesus that could only come from a personal & dependent relationship. We learned that we are not the ones that make a difference in the lives of others, but it is the work of the Holy Spirit as we surrender and serve. Through Go Near, they experienced a touch from the Father and I was there to experience it with them. I would encourage EVERY family to consider taking a missions trip together with Go Near. Taking a family mission trip is like a Kodak moment…priceless!!! ”     by Lorri Harper

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