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Our team of volunteers have had full days. There is so much to absorb if it is your first time in Kenya. The sights are in vivid color. The sounds of automobiles and traffic is juxtaposed with the laughter and voices of children. Lack of sleep and discomforts are a given, but the smells and taste of the food cooked fresh daily, the warmth of the hospitality compensates for the differences.  The worship experienced among our friends in Kenya is energetic and real. Prayer is vital. Essential. We have so much to learn from our brothers and sisters in Christ.


So…please pray: Our team is meeting with leaders to discuss ways Go Near Ministry can partner with the leadership at Star of Hope to benefit the children who have been through much trauma at the hands of others. We need you to pray NOW that the evil one is stopped in the lives of these vulnerable children. We need you to pray for God’s provision financially for many of the basics needed to provide better food, bedding and education for these children. We prayed for God’s storehouses to be opened for donations of supplies and our 60 suitcases were filled to distribute this trip. Please join us to pray for God to pour out his blessings over those we join with who serve orphans, widows, prisons and poor daily.

Please pray:  Our students and adults go back for a second day with another ministry partner, Chahale, who with his team of volunteers share bible stories, skits and God’s word with hundreds, actually thousands of school children every week. Partnering with Chahale positions us to step out with boldness to share the gospel in numerous schools. Today, Rachel Curtis felt God’s call to step out to teach and share about Christ. She experienced God giving her the words and His power. Claire Newton is another who felt the Holy Spirit’s prompting. “I know God is calling me to be a missionary, so I better start sharing now” I can see God’s spirit moving in mighty ways among this next generation.

You can Go Near with us too. Please pray over our team  June 24 – July 5th. We’re praying for revival in their hearts and in the hearts of those they travel across to world to show Christ’s love to. Stay tuned with future posts from their time serving in Kenya. You’ll find lots of photos posted on our Go Near Ministry Facebook Page too!