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Words cannot adequately describe the beautiful and warm welcome by the community in Maasai land. Watch this video to experience a taste of heaven on earth. The community walked from far to attend for the day. The chief and other community leaders came to show support for the launch of their school in their area.  Hundreds stood in a circle welcoming our arrival singing “Jesus is my Savior”.  They stood in a reception line to give a personal greeting and handshake to every visitor. The school administration and staff prepared a lovely presentation with enthusiastic dancing and recitations. We prayed. We worshiped. A Kenyan meal was served and we were showered with gifts of Maasai jewelry. All were humbled by their gracious generosity and worship. This band of believers have persevered through a very challenging year experiencing opposition to try and stop them from having their own school. BUT GOD has his way! Three trees were planted to represent the partnerships of Go Near Ministry, ABC Children’s Aid International( Iceland) and the local community. May God be glorified.