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Jesus calls us to GO and preach the Gospel.  We GO and the Gospel is presented  in a variety of settings.  We bring bibles to distribute. This summer, our volunteers taught a comprehensive bible curriculum from Genesis to Revelation in our partnering schools. We share bible truths,songs and stories through skits and activities. We share inside cramped classrooms, in open fields and inside the prison walls. We often feel so inadequate, but God promises that His truth doesn’t return void. We are sticking to that promise and continue to leaving the results to Him.

May I share another moment from this past year ? We saw God bring people to us when we showed The Jesus Film. This movie is an accurate portrayal of the life and resurrection of Jesus according to Luke.  It was produced by the ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ and is shown around the world in numerous tribal languages. We were invited to project the movie on a wall inside a Maasai church. The pastor invited the community to come that night for a special showing. It was pitch black outside, around 9 pm but men, women and children came from everywhere on foot to see the film. The church was filled. They watched the movie intently for over an hour. It was amazing to hear their emotions during the crucifixion and resurrection. The seed of the Gospel was planted.  In this same community, we taught hundreds of children the comprehensive bible curriculum and gave them bibles. We received a request asking to distribute 50 bibles in the Maasai language. God is on the move to reveal Himself in this community. What a privilege to be a part.

Enjoy some of my favorite photos of volunteers sharing the Gospel this year.