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Brett Likens and her daughter, Ellie joined the 2017 summer trip. Brett and her husband serve with SEARCH ministries. She homeschools her four children and is active at St. Andrews Anglican Church in Little Rock. Brett offered mature wisdom for our team and a motherly love to the children in Africa. My favorite memory is when Brett shared in the prison wearing shower flip -flops because she gave her shoes away. What a picture of humble, Christ-like love and service. Read her thoughts below. God is moving mightily all around the world!

Jesus is moving mightily all around the world  – Brett Likens

My trip to Kenya was life changing !! It was awesome to see how each person in our group was led by the Father to join together to go. We also witnessed Him raising up funds for our trip in remarkable ways! Once we arrived in Kenya, I was overwhelmed at the welcoming and inclusive spirit of the Kenyan people. If felt as if there were no barriers to overcome. Without knowing these people before, it felt like long lost family had been reunited. They ministered to me far more than I did for them. Being there was such a pure picture of joy and contentment in the midst of so little materially and in sometimes adversarial circumstances. The Go Near leadership was also a huge blessing to me. I was so thankful to be surrounded by such a godly team. They brought so much wisdom and depth to our time together. Jesus is moving mightily all around this world. I encourage others to experience a Go Near trip to Kenya. You wont regret it!!!

Brett is undeterred to share the Good News. She is wearing the shower flip flops because she gave her shoes away

Brett is teaching the “Learn the Whole Bible” curriculum to high school students