Sechu Village water project


Pastor Augustine and children in front of St. Paul’s Anglican Church

Sechu Village Water project- This community development project goal is to bring much needed water to Sechu Village located in Tiata Hills of Kenya. Once water is secured, families in this remote area will have clean, safe water for drinking and water for agriculture. Phase 2 consists of construction of planned orphan homes in this remote area devastated by AIDS. Go Near Ministry is excited to partner alongside trusted community and church leaders who have been working cooperatively for several years on this initiative to provide for the widows, poor and orphans in their village. A site visit by a water specialist and engineer has been completed. With funding, borehole drilling can begin on the premises of St. Paul’s Anglican Church.

Children need clean water in Sechu Village

Women work hard and need water

Mark Purrington, our friend & water specialist makes a sight visit

Mr. LRCA Pageant raises $2000 for Sechu Village water project

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