Unexpected surprise to size and purchase skirt on the spot

Judith measures Allyson for skirt to fit and be finished by the afternoon

It was wonderful to bring my friends to visit the widow’s sewing project. We were able to meet each woman who participated in both the morning and afternoon training sessions. These women come 5 days a week from the Gituamba community for half-day sewing training by a licensed Kenyan tailor named Rose. These women receive no salary and are striving to find work when they can. There are few opportunities for work in this area. George and Jackie Otieno provide pastoral care and oversight of this project. Our daughter, Anna helped start this project over a year ago. She remained in Kenya while we returned to the US to purchase fabrics and supplies and provided design and instruction for widow Judith. Judith is extremely talented and is employed by Anna to make products that Anna sells in the US. When we were introduced to Judith, my friend, Allyson Phillips noticed the skirt that Judith was making. Within minutes Allyson was trying it on, was measured for alterations and made purchase of the skirt that we picked up by that afternoon. How thrilling to see Judith make a sale that day.

While we were visiting the workroom with the other ladies, we noticed a beautiful skirt being constructed. I tried it on, was measured for alterations and the sale was made.  Oh… the joy and delight on the faces of these women who made their sales that day. We hope to take our future team visitors to market to buy fabrics and have skirts made for them on this next trip.

What an unexpected surprise of God’s provision in a day. He has a plan. I am passionate to participate in God’s provision for His people that He cares so much about.


The skirt is finished and perfect. Made by Judith.

Our team notices the beautiful fabric in the skirt being constructed and urges me to try it on. It is too tight.

Too tight? No problem. The Kenyan way of sewing includes larger seam allowances which leaves room for letting out the seams to fit my measurements. It will be finished and picked up by afternoon.

Celebrating the unexpected sale of a beautiful skirt.

Praying for more ways to connect others with the widows in the sewing program. 


  1. Kathy Searcy says:

    So fun to visit with Anna about her sewing — so amazing to see the beauty of the fabrics and all that the women can sew. Very creative and beautiful! God has great plans for each of them.

    Thanks! Bless you all and so grateful you shared. Praying for each of you.

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