Lions, tigers and bears… OH MY.. not really


We took our small group of volunteers to see and experience the animals that roam freely on Crescent Island. Belinda Shelton shares from her blog about what she saw that day. It was a great outing for our team.

From Belinda:

Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Well not really, but we did see baboons, giraffes, zebras, gnus, gizelles (3 different species), hippos, water deer and fishing eagles. As we drove to our safari at Cresent Island, we saw baboons on the side of the road (just like we see squirrels at home). That’s something you don’t see in America. On our safari, we were able to walk around freely amongst the animals. The zoo will never hold the same excitement again after this experience. We had a picnic lunch sitting on the ground surrounded by sheep. It was so exciting to see Allyson’s reaction when she first saw the giraffes. She was jumping up and down like a little girl. She has wanted to see giraffes in the wild for a very long time. We had a wonderful guide, Mumo, who answered all of our questions. I truly felt like I experienced Africa today. We also stopped for a “Kodak moment” at the Rift Valley lookout. It was absolutely gorgeous. God’s artwork never seizes to amaze me!

We are excited about our day with the animals. 

No worries…

Mom and daughter -Belinda Shelton and Allyson Phillips in boat to Crescent Island

Allyson LOVES giraffes. They were our first group of animals to see when we arrived on Crescent Island.

Cheryl poses for the petting giraffe photo

Zebras abound

Our guide Mumo

Mumo shows us animal carcass ravaged by hyenas at night.

African animals everywhere

We ate our picnic lunch on the grass among the sheep.

We saw families of hippos emerge from the lake

We pass through the Navasha Country Club on our way to and from Crescent Island.

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